Warhammer: Alone Against the Night

Here Comes The New Boss

After the victory against the Goblin attack our heroes find themselves re-enforced and under a new command, Captain Kortig. He immediately installs his command post in the mess hall, and embarks on fortifying the lookout post in case of further attacks. Kortig’s new command several of the enlisted defenders including Adric Goodwin are given the ranking of “chosen man” for their efforts.

As the construction work progresses ranging parties are sent out. Some are parties of outriders others are infantry scouts. With the addition of light cavalry and specialist skirmishers the rangers are able to scout further and more effectively. After several uneventful ranging parties a terrorfied patrol comes back after finding the remains of the Goblin encampment. Rumours spread through the camp about a massacre and the goblins have all been decapitated their heads piled up and their bodies dismembered to form as strange symbol. Kortig summons Goodwin to put together a ranging party to gather information from the human settlements in the mountains to find out what is happening in the mountains. After traipsing around the Black Mountains speaking to confused charcoal burners, and some gold miners they come across another mining campment. As they approach they see smoke rising over the hill Emmeline Tanner is sent ahead to scout out the camp. She sees the miners under attacks from over 40 bedraggled and deformed humans, lead by a huge fur covered man. As the miners are killed they are decapitated and their heads piled up into a mound. The large man stabs his sword into the mound and cries “Blood for the Blood God!”. Lightning strikes his sword and the heads burst into blood red flames, then Emmeline is spotted by one of the mutated men. The large man tells his followers not to chase her, “Their time will come” he says ominously.



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