Warhammer: Alone Against the Night

Magistrate Vogal

I hope sir that this finds you well. Since we parted ways I have been studing hard, if not for the interruptions.

I have had many a nighttime hour interrupted by the guard soldiers hollaring that there was something out there that had red eyes! I wouldn’t of believed it, and certainly the camp made sure they new it, until I was stretching. My legs and back out. There at the edge of torch light was a wolf shape with a shape attached to its back. Well I thought I would do my duty and inform the watch. And because of the last time I strongly suggested we investigated ourselves, rather than waking the whole camp to nothing, again.

Well off the three of us went, and soon came across danger. Oh I performed two spells really well, the first was the lights. I made them hover and follow the wolf shapes. We saw flash of green and the gaurs shot it. I knew it hit its target but later (once the entire camp was awake) the tracker couldn’t find anything. Oh well.

Then the same guards headed over to my tent, waffling about how we were in danger of being attacked and we needed to defend the camp. Of course as a student Mage I thought it best I tag along, even if it was to provide light.

Well all he’ll broke loose, but I was able to cast dart spell twice with success. We manage to defend the camp against the green things. In the camp afterwards they were saying they were goblins. Well they were 40 odd and we managed to whittle them to 31 before the rest of the camp joined the fray.

Downside to this success is I am not helping to defend an outpost. Sigh, at least I’ll get a room and a fire now.

I will continue to study the spells, sir.



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