Clara Arthurman

I'm a student Mage of the amathyst order. I wish the work load was not as big as it was!


I’m on the short side for being a Mage, but that does not matter. It nice that my eyes match my outfit, and I have often wondered if your eye colour dictates your school of learning.


I have one brother that I left behind in town with my mother so I could persue my dream of being a Mage. That was a couple of years ago, with many a sleepless night studying.

As I was growing up I made many friends with the neighbours children but they all want to have families of there own. Now me, I want to have adventures and see the world!

My brother and me had a falling out as he believed I should stay to look after our mother. Our father dies in a horse accident when I was four. It has just been the three of us since then, and I am tired of being the eldest and looking after them. (Mother lost the plot somewhat)

I believe my brother was wed last year and his wife is heavily pregnant with their first. I hope it is a son to continue on the family business. I sent them a gift when I found out, but I do not know if they received it.

I tried to keep my powers a secret by hiding them, until the Event. The town thought they had a witch in their town, as fruit turned rotten within a few hours, the children started talking backwards or gibberish, to the point they found some to acuse. This being Mathew. Mathew legs were badly deformed when he was born, then one night he woke in excruciating pain, screaming the place down they pulled the bed clothes back and saw his legs writhing under the skin, bones re-knitting, straightening. His father, scared of what the mob would do to the rest of his family lied, claiming Mathew had been muttering fowl cursed language before the screaming began. They burnt him.

I. I. (Turning my head away. Why could I not say something?)

As the flames flickered I felt a pair of eyes on me. Watching carefully. I ducked away from the sights and sounds to go home. The next morning before the local market roused (which was soon after dawn) a knock on the door echoed through my home. My mother and brother had gone already yo open the business up, so there was only me. I opened to find a green cloaked Mage at the door. It was the same eyes from the previous night.

“Do you want last night to happen again” came a deep voice, as if it came from the very essence of nature.

I shook my head slightly.

“Then you must come with me.”

I quickly packed my things and as we left the town I visited my small family. I told them it was going on an adventure, that I had enough of town life, that I did not want children etc. but in the end it was to protect them, all of them.

It soon came apparent the green was not my colour. I was dumped in front of the cemetery soon after arriving at **** and the purple mages took me under there wing. Since then magistra Vogel has been in charge of my studies. I think I have made him proud but I can not tell.

Clara Arthurman

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