Creating Characters

Grim reality for a Grim setting

You characters at the start of the game are just setting out in the world i.e. you kinda suck. Your better than the average person but not by much so don’t expect to start as Conan, Red Sonya, Felix or Gotrek.

Your characters are all low born, all human and all hail from The Empire. Your choice of starting province can be random or you can choose it makes no huge difference to the game, the only difference is that you will have some knowledge about that part of the world.

The Starting Careers should give you an idea about what kind of character you wish to play. If you have any questions feel free to use the campaign forum if its between session or just ask me at the game.

Warhammer is not D&D, your characters increase slowly there are no jumps between levels.

Advice For Creating Characters

Start with a concept, a starting point for this could be one of your favorite film, tv or literature heroes/heroines. Or you could model your character on a version of yourself. You could even think of what kind of hero you would like your character to end up as. Then think about where that person started from, that is the key. Your character is taking his/her first steps into the world of being an adventurer.

Stick ’em With The Pointy End

Not all careers in Warhammer are combat monsters. Do not worry, all career paths have their place. A social character will be just as useful as a combat character in the right situation, usually talking you out of the mess that the combat characters have gotten you into. That is not to say that there will be no combat there will be quite a bit. But being able to glean information is also useful as Warhammer is often a game of investigation as well.

In Summary

What this boils down to is go with what seems like a fun character to play, and just because the career is called one thing understand that you can put your own spin on it.
For example, the Burgher career is an entry level merchant. Now you could play this as a CMOT Dibbler pedaling his wares as a camp follower or you could turn him into a Maxwell Q. Klinger, a soldier who is always looking to run scams/get rich quick schemes. Both would use the same career but are totally different characters.

Creating Characters

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