An act of unprovoked aggression by the Border Princes has plunged The Empire into war. The recruiting sergeants have been drumming up support for the war. Whilst the main Imperial force is battling in the Black Mountains for control of Black Fire Pass the players find themselves in the reserves protecting the flanks of the army in the rolling foothills of The Black Mountains in The Imperial Province of Averland.

A comfortable role in the army away from the front lines in wine country, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well it turns out the worst is what could happen. After battles and sieges and traipsing around the black mountains after a Chaos warband in league with a pedlar named Paul Ostermann (who turned up dead from acute goblin arrow overdose) and then running away from said warband. They faced the warband and with the help of Imperial forces lead by Alexander Lietdorf the party helped to save Averland. The party head of to Grenzstadt to discover “Who was Paul Ostermann?”.

Warhammer: Alone Against the Night

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