Emmeline Tanner

A keen eyed and secretive hunter


Equipped with a long bow and an able trap builder with her fiery red hair tied loosely back. Worn, practical but well fitting clothes and a focussed and cool gaze. Poised at all times and disinclined to make friends.


The loyal, fierce and devoted daughter of a hard working tanner. Her mother died giving birth to her only sibling, a younger brother called Harry, and she was largely responsible for her own upbringing. She always had a keen eye and was drawn to hunting in the woods to the north. It was there that she met the young woodsman, Joseph when she was only 10 years old. He was her best and only friend and in time their friendship turned to love.

Some months ago Joseph was forced to enlist in the army and he has not returned. Although desperate to protect her family she has chosen to join with the army herself so that she might discover his fate.

Her family miss her desperately and she is frightened to leave them alone. Her father is getting old and, at a sickly 11 years old, her young brother is not able to take over her father’s work. She sends them what money she can and keeps an ear open for troubles to the north or news of diaster.

She does not trust easily and has little interest in the politics of the empire. She is ever the watcher and has only one true goal in mind. To discover the fate of Joseph and return to her family in safety.

Nothing will get in her way…?

Emmeline Tanner

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