Reinwald Hager


Reinwald is at first glance unremarkable. At a second glance he is still unremarkable, in fact there is not much about him that is remarkable at all and he prefers it that way. You would be hard pressed to pick him out of a crowd, which works well for a thief. If you looked closer you would see a lean and athletic man, though his demeanor would try to hide this. Neither standing proudly nor strutting through the streets, he seeks to blend in with the crowds around him, his eyes darting from side to side as he constantly checks his surroundings for targets and escape routes.


Reinwald was found abandoned with this twin sister Elena outside one of the many orphanages in Altdorf. As children they stuck together but were quite different from each other. Elena got on well with the other children, kept her head down and kept out of trouble while Reinwald was quite the opposite. Aside from Elena, he spent little time with the other children and spent most of his time avoiding what chores he could. What little time he did spend with the other children was mostly spent picking fights with the other boys. Eventually the orphanage gave up on Reinwald, and preferring to rid itself of a disruptive influence on the other children, turfed him out onto the streets of Altdorf to fend for himself.

Struggling to survive on the streets, he fell in with a local street gang and he soon learned how to take what he needed to survive. Learning to blend into the crowd and pick the pockets of merchants and shoppers alike in many of the market areas of Altdorf, he was able to survive but as he grew older he wanted to do more than just survive. Turning to higher value targets, he began to break into the homes of the nobles and help himself to their valuables.

Elena and Reinwald continued to keep in touch but his criminal lifestyle became a constant source of friction between the two. He would often try to share his spoils with her but she always refused and before long they had started to drift apart.

As he continued to live comfortably from his ill-gotten gains, he grew over-confident and began to make mistakes. One night while robbing another noble house, he broke into one of the upper floors too in the evening. Most of the house had retired for the night but some servants remained downstairs in the kitchen finishing up their last chores for the evening. Assuming the entire house was asleep, Reinwald was not as quiet as he should have been and while moving from one room to another he caught the eye of one of the servants coming upstairs to investigate the noise. The servant quickly raised the alarm and Reinwald had to make a hasty retreat from a house that was quickly waking up around him. As he made his retreat down the side of the house and onto a nearby building he was spotted by a member of the city watch and he soon had them chasing him across the rooftops of the city. Knowing the city like the back of his hand, he was able to lose his pursuers after a chase that seemed to last forever but he had nearly been caught. The city watch would be looking for him and the servant had gotten a good look at him. He would need to lie low for a while.

Reinwald Hager

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