Where as any good citizen of the Empire will pray to Sigmar (or even one of the other cults) for help, and through their hard work Sigmar rewards them with a place at his side in the next life.

There are those who for whatever reason power, lust, wroth turn to the Dark Gods. They whisper into the minds of the weak, they promise everything but what they take is everything and what they give is nothing. You must always be watchful for the heretic, magic users are particularly susceptible to their corrupting influence, worship of the Dark Gods is punishable by death. The only way to save the poor unfortunates soul is in the cleansing fires of a pyre.



Wizards and witches that have sold their souls to the dark gods in return for magical power. The only way to save these fools is in the cleansing fires.


Some poor unfortunates are born with hideous mutations, others receive them as a ‘gift’ for consorting the dark gods, Either way the only way to save these wretches is in the cleansing fires.

Followers of Chaos

Some fools throw their lot in with the dark gods for personal gain. Instead of working hard and looking for hope in the light of Sigmar they shun him and consort with the dark powers. They worship their dark masters in secret behind closed doors, these covens of witches should be stamped out like an infestation.
If possible their lives should be spared so that they can reveal the names of other co-conspirators. Once they have revealed all they know these lost souls can then be saved by the cleansing fires.


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