The Empire

Largest of the Human civilizations in the Old World.

The Empire was founded in IC 1 by Sigmar Heldenhammer, who united the tribes who inhabited the lands that would become the Empire. These tribal lands would go on to become today’s Imperial Provinces. Each province is an independent state that is allowed to enact its own local laws and taxes but is obliged to enact Imperial edicts.

The Provinces


Averland is one of the Southern provinces of the Empire and is bordered by Wissenland to the West, Stirland to the East and Black Mountains in the South. The Western boarder of Averland is marked by the upper reaches of the River Riek. Averland is mostly comprised of rolling hills and fertile planes making agriculture it’s main source of income, although the South does have some mining communities. The capital of Averland is Averheim which sits on the Old Dwarf Road and the River Aver.


Hochland is one of the Northern Provinces of the Empire and is located between Ostland to the North, Middenland to the South and Talabecland to the South. Hochland is a heavily wooded province deriving large sources of its income from game, furs and timber. Due to it’s geography Hochland is famed for it’s hunters. The capital of Hochland is Hergig.


Stirland is located in the South East of the Empire and is boarded by Ostermark to the North East, Talabecland to the North, Averland to the South and the Worlds Edge Mountains to the South East. Stirland comprised of mostly hilly terrain with many river valleys, the River Stir flows south west through the province to join the River Aver. Stirland is a comparatively rural and poor province with most of its income coming from sheep farming, the wool trade and timber from the forested regions in the foothills of The Worlds Edge Mountains. Stirland is also a very superstitious land a lot of this stems from the legend haunted forests of Sylvania a place that is only talked about in hushed whispers.


Middenland lies on the Eastern edge of the Empire and is bordered by the Wasteland to the North West, Ostland and Hochland to the North East, Talabecland to the South East and Reikland to the South. Middenland is mostly covered by the the Drakwald Forest a dark and dangerous place home to bandits, highway men and goblins, some even whisper it harboring darker denizens. Midden land produces large amounts of timber and has some mining. The capital of Middenland is the fortress city of Middenheim. Middenheim is the spiritual home of the Cult of Ulric.


Nordland lies on the the Northern Edge of The Empire and is one of the two coastal provinces, Ostland being the other. Nordland is bordered by the Wasteland to the West The Sea of Claws to the North, Ostland to the South East and Middenland to the South. Since the Wasteland gained it’s independence Nordland is now the home to the Imperial Fleet. Nordland is a hard country with only thin topsoil making it poor farming country. Most of the province is covered by two great forests, the dark and foreboding Forest of Shadows and the Laurelorn Forest home to one of the Old Worlds Wood Elf enclaves. Whilst the Laurelorn Forest is technically part of the Empire, the only rulers who have tried to enter the forest to enforce Imperial edicts on the enigmatic folk of the woodland realm have gone down in history as fools. Nordland derives its income from sea trade, fishing, shipbuilding, sheep farming and the wool trade. The capital of Nordland is Salzenmund.


Ostermark is in the North East of The Empire and forms part of The Empires border with Kislev. Ostermark is bordered by Kislev to the North East, The Worlds Edge Mountains to the South East, Stirland to the South West and Talabecland to the West. Ostermark is a bleak land of vast moorland nestled between the two arms of the Great Forest, deep in the southern arm of the forest lies the ruins of the former capital of Ostermark Mordenheim, it is a shunned place where people fear to go, most who do go do not return. Those that do return, return as raving madmen at best. Ostermark’s Northern border is north of the Great Forest where the land levels out into the vast rolling plains of the Northern Steppe that carries on into Kislev, although there is some trade with Kislev it to Ostermark’s Southeastern border that the most important trading partner is to be found in The Worlds Edge Mountains, as it is here that they trade with the Dwarf Lords. Ostermark derives its income from Beer, Timber, Riverboat building and Dwarven goods. The capital of Ostermark is Bechafen.


Is in the North east of the Empire. Ostland is bordered by Kislev to the East, Talabecland to the South and Hochland to the South West and The Sea of Claws to the North. Ostland is a cold rugged land, the South of the province is dominated by the Middle Mountains, whilst the rest of the province is covered by the Forest of Shadows. To the north the forest thins towards the sea where the terrain is comprised of rugged stony hills. Its coastline is used to trade with Kislev and Norsca although its coastline is not as well protected as Nordland by the Imperial fleet from Norscan raiders. Ostland derives its income from trade with Kislev and Norsca, as well as mining, timber and fishing. The capital of Ostland is Wolfenburg.


Is located in the West of the Empire. Reikland is bordered to the South West by The Grey Mountains which marks the Empires border with Bretonnia, Stirland and Wissenland to the South East, Talabecland to the East and Middenland to the North East. The Reikland is the Empires prize gem amongst its provinces, the province benefits from fertile farmlands, vineyards and fine dairy pasture. The forests of the Reikland are relatively safer than those in the other provinces this aids its lumber mills, The Grey Mountains are also a valuable source of gems and iron ore. The rivers of the Empire all converge with the mighty river Reik which is at its widest here it flows north to the sea at Marienburg. Finally the Reikland’s capital is the city state of Altdorf the capital of the Empire.


Talabecland is the central most province of the Empire, being bordered on all sides by a an Imperial province. To the North is Hochland, Ostland is to the North East, Ostermark is on it’s Eastern border, Stirland is to the South, Reikland is on its South Eastern border and finally its border with Middenland is to the North East. The dominant terrain feature of Talabecland is the Great Forest, which is less dangerous than other forests like the Forest of Shadows or the Drakwald Forest. Numerous roads crisscross the province as most overland transport inside of the Empire must travel through this province, so it has one of the largest forces of roadwardens and tollhouses. Talabecland derives most of its income through trade and tolls but also exports salted pork, timber and fish. The capital of Talabecland is K├╝sel.


Wissenland is the Southwesternmost province of The Empire. It is bordered to the West by The Grey Mountains, The Black Mountains mark its Southern border, Averland is to the East its border marked by The River Reik and the Reikland to the North. The West of the province is fertile farmland watered by the Reik and its tributaries, as you travel West the land becomes stonier and hillier as it approaches The Grey Mountains and The Black Mountains where farming gives way to mining. The Grey Mountains are also an important source of trade between late Spring and early Autumn as there are passes through The Mountains to Bretonnia and Tilea. The capital of Wissenland is Wissenburg.

The Empire

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